Off-Road conversions for Volkswagen Commercial vehicles.

For people who drive busy city streets today and off-road tomorrow, Volkswagen offers the ideal all-wheel drive vehicles. For individualists who are in a tireless search for freedom and adventure, we open up their prospects in new undreamt-of dimensions. When passion meets the strong features of Volkswagen production vehicles and the heart is looking for adventure of a special kind, we take your smart soft-roader and make it into an off-roader with undreamt-of attributes. SEIKEL GmbH specialises in off-road conversions of selected Volkswagen models and exports its products world-wide.

SEIKEL is capable of implementing its concepts since we have close ties to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for many years. Using the vehicle’s features, and with the knowledge of specialist automotive engineers as basis, we develop components which not only enhance production solutions, they are sometimes even converted to special vehicles.

Using this enormous pool of know-how, SEIKEL develops and produces new chassis parts and conversion components which can be fitted instead of serial parts – depending on the customer’s requirements.

SEIKEL solutions are based on extreme demands for a wide variety of vehicle applications. All conversion solutions and add-on components are tested several times in the toughest conditions and are TÜV-tested (German Technical Inspectorate). Based on these technical principles and with many decades of experience, they meet the “highest demands”, even when it comes to requirements expected from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.