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For people who drive on big city streets today and off-road tomorrow, Volkswagen offers the ideal all-wheel drive vehicles. For individualists who are in a tireless search for freedom and adventure, we open up their skills in new undreamt-of dimensions….

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Are you looking for a complete raised suspension, shorter final drive ratio, snorkel, cyclone filter or off-road tyres. …

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Are you looking for a personalised conversion?…

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SEIKEL Germany – a Body Builder for Volkswagen Factory in Germany

SEIKEL manufactures 4×4 suspension and 4×4 accessories for Volkswagen vehicles only. SEIKEL is the only Volkswagen 4×4 accessories with Declaration of no Objection from Volkswagen Germany in South Africa ….

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Our Workshop ist now open in Pretoria East

Visit our Workshop for all 4×4 vehicle fitments …

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SEIKEL manufactures for Volkswagen Series with 4x4 drive

T3, T4, T5 Micro Bus, T5 Micro Bus, T6 Transporter, Caddy, Crafter, Touareg, Tiguan and Amarok …

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What we are proud of

The premium partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is particularly
important for us….

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