Short final axle ratio for front-wheel drive

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• Final axle ratio of front-wheel drive with number of teeth: 71:13, 71:19, 71:17
• 1st and 2nd gears = 18% shorter than on production model
• 3rd to 6th gears = 10% shorter than on production model
• Reverse gear = 17% shorter than on production model
• Reduces clutch wear when driving off.
• Engine is more agile.
• Same Vmax, but at higher revs
• Higher fuel consumption by approx. 0.5 l/100 km

Note: After fitting, the proper functioning of the cruise control system and gear indicator (in the multifunction display) can no longer be guaranteed.

If “short final axle ratio” is being installed it makes sense to fit the gearbox ventilation for higher wading depth at the same time, as the gearbox has already been emptied (see Article No. 1312 0007).

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