SEIKEL is the prime address when it comes to off-road conversions for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Auto Bild published an exclusive article about the latest project: a Volkswagen Amarok with portal axles which are familiar from the Unimog and Pinzgauer.

“…. The body is so high that the driver has to climb up into the driver’s seat.

This Volkswagen beats any Jeep Wrangler Rubicon or Mercedes G Professional by miles. It has a ground clearance between axles of 43.7 centimetres, 35.3 centimetres under the rear differential and a little more under the front gearbox protection plate.

This is made possible by the portal axle from the House of SEIKEL.…”

“… with German thoroughness and perfectionism, the team from SEIKEL in Freigericht, Hesse, gets down to business on the brake system.

The rear drum brakes were replaced by brake discs and the front disc brakes were made larger …”

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